Nice to meet you! I'm Márti.
Did you ever feel like an outsider? I sure did, too!

I make jewelry for the dreamers, the quiet, different ones, the romantics, the shy ones, the bookworms. For you.
I want you to feel confident, and for that you need to feel like yourself in your own skin. In a word full of impossible standards it is really hard to feel that way.


I was always a creative person. I learned a lot of different crafts, but nothing really stuck until 2010. On a January evening, procrastinating instead of studying for my exam, I somehow stumbled into wire wrapping. It was an instant love. I had to try it out.

After the emotional struggle and anxiety caused by my college years I wanted to finally learn something that would make me happy. In 2012 I started a metalsmithing course, and in 2014 I got my diploma.

Ever since my childhood walking in a forest gave me peace. My favorite eras are the Gothic and Art Nouveau. For the first glance these things do not connect. But all of them have soft nature elements in a fragile, fluid, feminine form. The craftmanship, that made these artworks possible amazes me. Wire wrapping is a technique, that makes it easy to imitate these forms without copying them. I really love the process. Making a piece of jewelry is a meditative state of mind, where I let the wire guide my hand, so that it can become what it wants to be.

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