I use nikkelfree wire for all of my jewelry: pure copper, brass, silverplated copper wire, colored wire and real 925 sterling silver.

The colored wire has a copper core and doesn't blacken your skin.

The beads glass or gemstones. Specified in every listing.


How to wear an ear cuff?

You can wear it in your left or your right ear.

Our ears are as unique as our fingerprint, so sometimes it sits better on one than the other.

You can buy two, if you like to wear it in pairs, but most of the time it can be too much.

My favorite style is to put an ear cuff in one ear and an ear wrap in the other.

Is it uncomfortable?

The ear cuffs are ment to sit on your ear and not

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brass and black ear cuff with black beads

Ear cuff

This type of ear jewelry sits on the middle part of your ear. It is comfortable, lightweigth and you doesn't need pierced ears to wear it.

Ear cuff
Silver plated ear wrap with iridescent silver beads

Ear wrap

The ear wrap looks like 2 piercings from the front. You do not need pierced ears to wear it. Adjustable, comfortable and made in different sizes to fit your ear.

Ear wrap
  • Steampunk

    The easiest way to desciebe steampunk is, if you imagine how the modern world would be if everything was powered by steam.
    For my jewelry I use mechanical parts from old watches.

    Steampunk jewelry 
  • Gothic

    Romantic and spooky.
    Inspired by the beauty of XIX. century. Mostly darker jewelry in black, red, purple, silver.

    Gothic jewelry 
  • Fantasy

    If you like ligther colors, nature and dream to be an elf princess, this is the style for you.

    Fantasy jewelry