Alternative Symbols of LOVE

Alternative Symbols of LOVE

Love can take a lot of forms.

There is romantic love. Love for a child. Love that you feel for your friend. The love for someone who is gone. And even the love for oneself.

In this time of the year I want to focus on all of them and share my thoughts about the symbols of love with you. I show you some of my jewelry and the meaning behind them.

In my opinion the heart is not the best symbol of love.
In this day and age, where you can get a lot of likes and hearts from strangers on the internet, and the malls are packed with heart shaped stuff near Valentine's day it loses the real depth of the emotion. It became something very trivial.

I Give YOU the Key to My Heart

If we stay on the topic of the heart for a bit, I have to ask you something important: do we give the key with our hearts too?

Opening up to someone is a really hard task. It can be painful, makes us vulnerable. But, if you can find that special someone it is the most beautiful thing.

Selflove Is the Key to Happiness

What has a black key to do with love? It represents the hardest one of all. The love for yourself.

Sometimes you have to break yourself in order to put yourself back stronger. This key is a reminder, that we all have stuff in our past, that is painful. It takes a strong person to face trauma, but if you never do it, it will always drag you down. And remember, you need to take care of yourself before you can take care of others as they deserve.


The Stars Are My Bridge to You

When I was 17 my boyfriend - now my husband - went to school faraway. Looking up at the starry sky brought him closer, because I knew the same stars were watching over him.

Stars are something really calming. Everything is dark, but those little shining spots in the sky can make an otherwise scary time magical. Long dead suns guide our steps. Like people we lost.

So when I made the collection NOX, I wanted to convey both of these feelings.


Hope you find the type of love you're looking for!


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